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Wonder Baby Scarlett Rohnke could use YOUR help!Wonder Baby Scarlett RohnkeScarlett is undergoing treatment for brain cancer. She has had successful surgery, and has started the long road into chemotherapy. Scarlett is a trooper - a real Wonder Baby!

Click on WonderBaby's pic below to read about Scarlett's progress in her mom's blog:

Wonder Baby Scarlett Rohnke



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Wonder Woman to the Rescue?!?

Andy Mangels deserves full credit for this page. He had the brilliant idea to have Wonder Woman help rally people towards helping others in today's society. Andy imagined a 'Wonder Woman Day' to help raise funds for domestic violence support centers. He persevered, and it worked beautifully!

Well, why not expand on that thought and do that type of thing every day? We heard about a young man, Nathanael Bodon, in a bad spot (story below); we called upon Wonder Woman's Friends for some help... and it worked! You people are WONDERful indeed!

It comes down to the reality that Wonder Woman's friends appreciate and share her philosophy towards life - and specifically towards life in today's world.

We don't want war. We don't want hatred and prejudice and injustice. We would like for all of those things to simply vanish off the face of the earth [ok, maybe that should be 'the face of the universe'?]

Seems fitting that after almost 70 years, Wonder Woman is still going full strength in her efforts to help humanity. That's why we all love her so much!

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This UNICEF comic featuring Wonder Woman and Superman is from 1998. It was created to help educate the kids in Central America about the very real peril of unexploded landmines in their regular stomping grounds, and published in both Spanish and English versions.

Kudos to UNICEF and DC.

unicef wonder woman comic cover, landmine warning unicef wonder woman comic intro, landmine warning
unicef wonder woman comic end, landmine warning unicef wonder woman comic back cover, landmine warning

Pictured are the front and back covers, plus a full panel intro page and story end page. The story is about how Miguel learns about mines and saves his sister and brother - with only minor help from our super heroes.

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Wonder Woman to the Rescue?!?

We heard about a young man, Nathanael Bodon, in a bad spot; we called upon Wonder Woman's Friends for some help... and it worked! You people are WONDERful indeed!


November, 2009

At this moment in time, there has come to our attention the plight of a young soldier who has fallen victim to a very prejudicial law. This policy, known as "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" makes it impossible for many willing and able soldiers to remain in the military.

President Obama has made strong promises to get this piece of silliness repealed. He has opposition (altho I strongly suspect that this opposition is not actually against repealing the law, but instead just opposition for the sake of opposition...).

The majority of aware American citizens are in favor of repealing the DADT policy. Many people don't even know that the policy exists. (I was one of said people, I'm ashamed to say) A few minutes of time to email our representatives in government can make a big difference to the people who are victims of DADT.

If this policy had been squelched when it should have been, Nathanael Bodon would never be in this position.

It would be nice to GET LOUD now so that it doesn't just keep happening!

December 2009


Nathanael Bodon is now home - just in time for the holidays.

And - thanks to all of the fine folk who rallied to support Nathanael's battle against the DADT policy - he was released with an HONORABLE discharge! Thanks for speaking up - it really does work!!

Nathanael Bodon DADT army




Wonder Woman has so many great friends all over the world.
They tend to share Wonder Woman's values.
Tell 'em what's happening.
Let's see where it goes.
Maybe Wonder Woman can work her magic!