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Chris' visit!


Yakima Sandoval showing Chris Hayes her Wonder Woman tattoo. She always loved that WW image, but did not know the original source.Chris identified the artwork as originating from the Identity Crisis cover - identity crisis over!
















































We're expanding the museum!
What started innocently enough as new gallery space with Chris Hayes' Amazon Archives/Al Rio art wall last fall (scroll down for those pics) just sort of...grew! It now includes the WW library, and a few other odds and ends that required more leisurely viewing (to say nothing of space for a cup of coffee...or something!).

And so it began...

Add some comic files
And some shelves And a catalog rack for the magazines
Obviously need some extra light Well, might as well bring up the trading cards
Cards and stationery and promo lit and the like are finally accessible! And there's even space to sit and enjoy! (well, there will be once everything's put away!)



Chris Hayes lends a hand!
We had the good fortune to welcome Chris back for a, of course, we promptly recruited him to help set the Amazon Archives Al Rio wall which his lovely gift inspired!

Didn't seem right without a ribbon cutting ceremony! Chris Hayes does the honors with Pete & Christie Marston Ribbon?? Well, at least the stars were WW colors! Chris Hayes of Amazon Archives 'ribbon' cutting

Chris and MAC Wonder Woman at the new Al Rio wall

Chris Hayes and Pete Marston - THAT's what started this wall! Chris and Pete and MAC Wonder Woman admiring Al Rio's art Whew! We made it just in time to get Chris on his plane home!