David Bers wrote this story in the true spirit of Wonder Woman.

A baby girl named Georgie was born into the world with Down’s syndrome. Even though her birth mother had put her up for adoption, Georgie was nevertheless given the precious gift of life. She was strongly encouraged to accept herself for who she was, and to lead the very best life despite of her condition.

At age 5, a genuinely kind couple had adopted Georgie as their child.

For Georgie’s 7th birthday, she really wanted to meet Wonder Woman. However, she was shy and timid about meeting someone such as Wonder Woman, yet she was quiet, sensitive, and very gentle. She felt people’s feelings and was very easy to get along with. But she also had a need to feel loved and special, as much as she wanted to fulfill that same need for others to feel just as loved and special themselves. For a long, long time a lot of people seemed to not want to accept Georgie for who she was, and she had either been rejected or not had the love she freely gave, returned.

After her foster parents put a story in the newspaper requesting Wonder Woman to meet Georgie, a very special child who wanted so much to meet the statuesque beauty, Diana Prince called them. She told them she worked closely with Wonder Woman and explained she didn’t typically meet someone on a personal basis, unless it was part of a special assignment. However, given the fact that Georgie was very much influenced and captivated by Wonder Woman’s reputation, Diana said Wonder Woman approved to meet with Georgie at a beautiful, peaceful garden.

Georgie finally had the golden opportunity of meeting Wonder Woman, an experience she’ll always, always remember. However, she heard so many stories of ruthless people and cowards who have made countless attempts on Wonder Woman’s life. Georgie thought other people might have taken advantage of Wonder Woman and her trust.

Georgie was absolutely nothing like those people at all. All she wanted Wonder Woman to know was that Georgie was only seeking the warmth of love and friendship, and to be assured that she was loved. Because Georgie also wanted to let others, including Wonder Woman, know that they were just as warmly loved. Most importantly, Georgie carried love and beauty from deep within her heart, and they brightly radiated outward. She honestly believed Wonder Woman herself, also possessed those same qualities.

Georgie only wished Wonder Woman could see all of that when she was about to meet her for the first time.

On a bright and pleasant spring day, Georgie’s foster parents escorted her through the quiet and naturally beautiful garden to meet the Amazon princess. When Georgie and her parents approached Wonder Woman, she warmly greeted Georgie.

She stood there shyly and looked up at Wonder Woman with eyes filled with the need for love. Noticing that Georgie was timid and shy, Wonder Woman knelt down and lightly touched Georgie’s arms. Feeling scared of, and almost expecting cold rejection, not knowing what Wonder Woman’s reaction would be, Georgie felt tears coming to her eyes, and was ready to start weeping if she had only been rejected.

Out of concern and sincerity, Wonder Woman asked Georgie what the matter was. With a lump in her throat, Georgie meekly stammered, “Please… I just want to… I just wanted to…” It was then she gently wrapped her arms around Wonder Woman, and nestled her soft little head on her chest.

Wonder Woman’s reaction was this:


She held Georgie closely and dearly to her heart. The surrounding became very quiet, and Georgie began to hear Wonder Woman’s heart gently beating. “Thum-thum… thum-thum… thum-thum…”

The sound was so gentle and peaceful, Georgie closed her eyes and just went sound, sound asleep.

Wonder Woman continued to hold this sleeping child in her arms, holding her so lovingly, motherly, and protectively.

...part 2...

In seven years of Georgie’s life, being held and loved by this beautiful, beautiful woman was absolutely the most Heavenly
experience. The warmth of Wonder Woman’s love was as powerful as her strength and heart, which like Georgie’s, brightly radiated love and beauty from deep within.

Wonder Woman gently kissed Georgie on the forehead while holding her closely. Georgie slowly awakened, and gazed into Wonder Woman’s beautiful blue eyes, smiling.

“I have to go now Georgie,” Wonder Woman said. “It was very lovely to meet you.” Although saddened, Georgie nodded her head understandably.

“I want you to know that you really are deeply loved and special in your own way. We all have the need to feel loved and accepted by others. The love that you offer is truly very special, and you will always carry it in your heart. And even if that love is not returned, even if it’s not recognized, never be afraid to continue showing your love because you give what’s in your heart. We all have special powers and abilities, and they must be used wisely for the purpose of peace. You are sensitive and gentle, and you accept yourself for who you are. But you also feel other people’s feelings, and that’s a wonderful power to have.”

“I love you, Wonder Woman,” Georgie whispered. “People have teased me and made fun of me because I don’t look like them. Just because I don’t look like them doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be accepted like they are.” Tears swelled up in Georgie’s eyes. “So what if I don’t look the same as everybody else? I can love them for who they are. You seemed to accept me for who I am because you gave me the love for who I am. Thank you, Wonder Woman, for giving me that love. I just love you so very much.”

Georgie then hugged Wonder Woman, and kissed her cheek.

“Awww, I love you too Georgie,” Wonder Woman said softly while embracing Georgie and lightly stroking her hair. “And I’m sure your parents must love you very, very much. I have a mother whom I love very much too, and… I made a promise to show her how much I love her. That promise is to use my own powers to help rid evil in the world and to protect all men, women, and children. You can make a promise to me by using the strength of your own power. That power will always live inside of your heart and there is nothing that can ever take that away.”

Wonder Woman lifted up Georgie and carried her over to her foster mother, where she gently placed Georgie into her arms.

“Goodbye Georgie. Perhaps we will meet again one day. Until then, remain strong and brave while living peacefully each and every day. I want you to know that you will always, always be in my heart. But I also want you to promise me that you will never stop giving what you carry in yours.”

“I promise, Wonder Woman,” replied Georgie. “I promise.”

Since that very special moment with Wonder Woman, Georgie used her power to the very best of her ability. The promise she made to Wonder Woman was as strong and powerful as the love she had for her. Even though she could not deflect bullets, leap great heights, or possess extraordinary superhuman strength, Georgie was still nevertheless bold and beautiful with her “power” as Wonder Woman was with hers.